8 August 2011

"Inspire to Achieve" : Aiman Azlan

HELLO READERS! For the first time we're introducing Conténg's main feature the"Inspire to Achieve" column. On our first "Inspire to Achieve" Conténg brings you an uprising youth with a vision of modern Da'wah through You Tube. He's the one and onlyMuhammad Aiman Azlan or his youtube name aimanazlan90. But I'm sure he prefers Aiman Azlan.

Aiman Azlan is considered one of the famous Malaysian Youtube-er. Together with him Anwar Hadi, Mat Lutfi and the only Maria Elena. Soon after these three big names appear on FB, TW and Youtube they have inspired a lot others to get involve in Vlog. And now it has become a national phenomena (well maybe I exaggerate a bit) but yes more and more people are trying.

But today we at Conténg are honored to be given the opportunity to interview Aiman Azlan. For your information when i first knew that Aiman Azlan was brought up in Perlis I was shocked. Things get even worst when I knew he was in SMK Syed Hassan. Why? Because I'm from Perlis and I was in Syed Hassan before (for two weeks then I left for Boarding School). For those of you who haven't been to Perlis let me tell you that Perlis is the smallest state in Malaysia and most probably you would know everybody because you'll keep on bumping into each other. Especially if you went to school like SMK Derma and SMK Syed Hassan.

Okay back to the interview, as one of the pioneer in Vlog industry in Malaysia, here Aiman Azlan shares his view and ideas. Honestly telling you guys, he is one of the best in Malaysia. Without delaying any further let's see what THE MAN has to say:-

1. Can you briefly tell us about yourself?

I was born on September 24th, 1990 in Kubang Kerian, Kelantan. I have 5 brothers and no sister. I spent most of my life in Perlis so you could say that I was raised in Perlis. I received my early education at SK Jejawi, Arau. Then I moved to SMK Syed Hassan, Kangar and then on to MRSM Langkawi. After SPM, I did my foundation studies at Taylor’s University College, Subang Jaya before flying off to University of Toronto, Canada. Right now I am doing a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Psychology. The best way to know me is through my friends.

2. What makes you want to do videos on You Tube?

I made a mistake of telling my friends that I want to make a vlog one day. I procrastinated and they teased me (I know this might make them sound like bad friends but trust me, they’re among my best friends and they have a good influence on me). Among the reasons why I procrastinated was because I was worried about what “people” might think. One of my friends commented on that and he said, “If you kept thinking about what other people think about you, do you think you’ll ever make that video?” He had a point. Just like everything in life, if you don’t start now you’ll never finish it. So I gathered all the courage and the resources I have available and I made my first vlog on Youtube and the title of that video fits the story I told you just now, “Just Do It”. After that, I tried to make more videos but not just any video, I want to make videos with good messages.

3. Before becoming a “professional” You Tube-er, does it ever come across to you to be here now?

Professional? LOL! No, I didn’t think that making videos on Youtube would get

me to where I am right now.

4. What is your family and friend’s reaction when you got involved in this field?

Well, my friends didn’t tease me anymore. That’s one thing. My other friends were shocked and thrilled. Same goes with my family.

5. How is it different before and after becoming THE Aiman Azlan?

My friends don’t treat me any differently than they did before, accept for the occasional humorous comment about how “famous” I am now. I don’t think that I am any different before and after in terms of personality. I am still the same guy.

6. What is Aiman Azlan like off the camera?

Typical but maybe ................. a bit abnormal.

7. What do you enjoy the most in making video?

Knowing that I can use whatever I have to benefit other people.

8. What’s your opinion on Malaysian You Tube-er?

I see more Malaysians are entering the Youtube arena. I think each Malaysian Youtubers has their own strenghts and I think they should utilize their strenghts to make the best videos they can make.

9. How do you see people like Anwar Hadi, Matlutfi90,Aman Wan, Maria Elena?

I see them as my Youtube friends :)

10. As we all know you have a very clear stand on “Couple-ing”. So what is your opinion on “Islamic Couple”? We can see in the television they have these drama such as “Stanza Cinta”, “Tahajjud Cinta”, “Nur Kasih”, “Ayat-ayat Cinta”.

If by “Islamic Couple” you mean Islamic marriage, then my opinion would be to encourage it and to educate the masses about it. Also, make it easy for people especially the teenagers. I believe that if the teenagers (and the society) nowadays know how beautiful marriage is according to how Islam teaches it, I don’t think they’ll even consider having a boyfriend/girlfriend. Why would you settle for something less than the very best? But if by “Islamic Couple” you mean anything other than Islamic marriage, I don’t think you can call it “Islamic”. That is just the old fashion “Couple-ing”. About the dramas, they are not 100% Islamic yet. There are still some areas that need to be fixed. But, Insha Allah I hope we can get closer and closer to 100% Islamic.

11. What’s your plan for the future? Ever think of “Entertainment Business”?

I plan on getting married, have a wonderful family and a job that I love doing. Of course, continue making videos and contribute what I can to Islam. I have been entertaining the idea of directing a movie. I also want to be a legit student of knowledge (Talib al-‘Ilm) like all the shuyukh (that’s plural for “sheikh”) I’ve met. That is a very difficult goal for me to achieve but I’m sure it is not impossible.

12. Last but not least, do you have anything to say to all your viewers, and readers of this blog?

Treat other people the same way you would want other people to treat you. Worry not about the mistakes of others and worry about your mistakes. Worry not about whether your rights are fulfilled or not by other people but worry about whether you have fulfilled the rights of others or not. Do not underestimate anybody because they might just shock you with how awesome they are or how awesome they can be. Judge not by the cover of the book because it doesn’t tell you the whole story. Live life with much gratitude and patience.