16 December 2013

The King’s Affair – Introduction

The heart is the king of our body including our mind. We may have not realize it but it is. Can I prove it scientifically? Well I might need to do more research on that.

When we talk about the state of the heart, it is always about our own and not others. The knowledge that we acquire about the heart is for us to analyze and reflect upon ourselves. The moment we use it against others, it just sums up the actual state of our heart.

The Heart is very personal and customized, to the extent that only Allah and one self can judge it. Others cannot do so. Usama bin Zaid R.A was sent in an expedition, he spoke about one man in the battlefield, he said:

“… I saw one of them, he said “laa ilaaha illallah”. I stabbed him, and after that I felt bad and so told Muhammad (saw) what I did. The Prophet (saw) asked: “did he say laa ilaha illallah, and you killed him?” I said: “He said it, but only out of fear for my sword.” He (saw) asked “did you check his heart to see if he believed it?” he kept on repeating that question until I wished that I was not Muslim yet until that day.” [Muslim V-2 P-107]

Usama bin Zaid R.A was dispraised by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) strongly because he judged someone’s intention. It was clearly manifested by the Prophet SAW that when it comes to  matters of the heart it is for Allah to judge. Even the angels do not judge us by our intentions, rather our actions. So who are we to judge others by assuming their intention? Can we conduct an operation, take out their heart and look what is written in it? Certainly not!

Whenever we learn about our heart, it is important to be sincere and true to ourselves because when we know the reality of the heart, it will be the door for syaitaan to come in and tell us how difficult it is to be sincere to our own self. He will paint a picture in your mind that to have a noble heart is actually impossible and so therefore, we should stop wasting time to achieve it.

That is why when judging one’s heart it is important for us to be sincere with ourselves. Wallahi we know our heart and only we can cheat ourselves, but what’s the point? Denying reality? If we cannot be true to ourselves then how can we be true to others? If we are living a lie, what can ensure us that we live our lives upon the truth? How can others trust us when we can’t even trust ourselves?

I would like to remind myself, first and foremost and all of you that the knowledge of the heart is a guideline for us to reflect upon ourselves, not to use it against others. It is not our job to check what’s in other people’s heart. Indeed human are insaan (which comes from the root word; forgetful), we cannot be perfect and we will never be perfect. However, perfect is not a state to achieve, perfect is a journey. We need to constantly strive to be perfect because perfection is the characteristic of Allah SWT, and journey to perfection is journey to be close to Allah SWT.

I ask Allah SWT to forgives us for our previous sins and for Him to turn those sins into good deeds. May Allah guide us and give us a deeper understanding in learning about our heart. May He keep us steadfast, may He make us amongst those who have taqwa to Him and may He grant us hidayah and taufiq for us to implement our knowledge.

"This is an article base on the compilation, and digestion of notes from a lecture entitled Matters of the Heart by Sheikh Saad Tasleem, at Heart Therapy Camp organized by iMuslim."

13 December 2013

Our Little Jannah

“Assalamualikum, and drive safely” marked the end of the #HeartTherapy Camp. Coming home from that was difficult for me. After sending Sh. Waleed Abdul Hakeem off, the withdrawal syndrome started to kick in. When I reached home I was too tired to carry my luggage into the house. But the feeling of meeting your parents? That’s a different thing.

Sheikh Waleed Abdul Hakeem during the closing Speech

I came back home, performed Zuhur and sat down at the TV area catching up with my parents. Talked about the camp but I was too tired to continue. As soon as I heard the calling for Asr, I fulfilled my obligation and straight away syahid on the couch.

Sheikh Kamal El Mekki delivering his farewell speeh.
It was a mistake to sleep after Asr, I had a nightmare which I couldn’t  recall, I guess my Qarin is playing with me. As I woke up, it was already dark and I lost track of time. My body felt so heavy, I can’t even lift a finger. I sat on the couch while closing my eyes. In my mind I was planning what to do after this. I was thinking of fajar prayer; to take a bath, and get ready for work. Suddenly I heard a voice saying “Angah, Maghrib”.

Sheikh Saad Tasleem bidding farewell to Duha & Qasim
That statement put me into shock! What! Maghrib?! I felt like I’ve been sleeping whole night. I immediately opened my eyes and everything was spinning. I woke up and rushed for a quick shower and Maghrib. Later I check my phone, look into twitter and search #HeartTherapy. Everyone seemed to be having withdrawal syndrome. As I was going through the tweets, I forgot about my tiredness and I ended up curving a smile on my face.

Thinking about the Shuyukhs, the great companions, the river and the forest, the ilm, MashaAllah it was a great experience. It really felt like “Our Little Jannah”. Everyone is living by the sunnah of the Prophet SAW. Peace and tranquility were one of the things that I could find there. 

Fajr reminder by Sheikh Kamal El Mekki (Our Little Jannah)

Sheikh Waleed Abdul Hakeem @ Asr Tazkirah by the river side. (Our Little Jannah) 

Sheikh Waleed Abdul Hakeem @ Morning Lecture by the river side. (Our Little Jannah)

Sheikh Waleed Abdul Hakeem @ Asr Tazkirah by the river side. (Our Little Jannah)
May Allah grant us deep understanding, may He keep us istiqamah, may He give us the taufiq to implement our knowledge, may He keep us steadfast with our Iman, may He again put us among the people of the deen, and In Shaa Allah Ta’ala may He unite us again in the Real Jannah. 

Sheikh Saad Tasleem talking about Matters of The Heart
Now here I am, writing this post at my office, my body may be here, but my mind my heart and my soul is there at #HeartTherapy camp. I’m having a serious withdrawal syndrome. Imam Ghazali was correct in saying that we can only feel the nikmah, if it’s no longer there. Nikmah of great companionship, environment, and knowledge is indeed sweet. I wish that we could form a stronger bond that could last forever.

Sheikh Kamal El Mekki with the Fiji Brothers. From left Maiyur, Qasim, Sh Kamal & Ali
I pray that Allah will give me strength to go through this. Reality check, it is time to implement our knowledge. Action brings result. Do not let our knowledge be a witness against us in the Day of Judgment. Remember if we are walking towards Allah, Allah will run towards us. The path of Allah has no speed limit let us all strive for it. 

May Allah ease.  

#HeartTherapy the Men
P/S: Sorry for the delay. This post was written on Monday 9th December 2013.

1 December 2013

Life Update & New Chapter

May peace be upon you and me. 

It has been like a while since I've been here. This blog is full of spider web now. Life has been busy for me since I last post something here. I was busy with Konvensyen Bidadari, and right after that I went to London  for two weeks. Came back and started working with Peace Meal, later move on to few more projects with iMuslim, then comes Graduation and now I'm a pupil in Chamber at Albar & Partners. A lot has happened and things change from time to time. Now I'm moving onto another chapter in life, the working world, building up careers, and moving forward.  I pray that Allah will guide me in going through this, indeed He is the one that set my life, that creates me, that put me here in this path.

There's a lot I want to share (as usual), but inshaAllah ta'ala I will find time to write about them. Next week I'm going to Heart Therapy Camp by iMuslim at Janda Baik. This is an awesome retreat for those who are looking to find some inner peace especially to reflect on one self. 

What the program is all about?

"This is a program that will focus on the purification of the soul and the cleansing of the heart.
Specially designed for the community to have a better understanding in the fundamental elements of the Heart and how it is significant to one's faith, ibadah, and ihsan
This program is design to help us learn the diseases of the heart such as riyaa, envy, back biting, slander, love for the dunya and to find the remedy for it. We also will be focusing to increase our love towards the hereafter by learning the pleasures of Jannah and the torment of Jahannam, and understanding the questioning of the grave.
And the most important part is to purify our intention in every 'amal', including the attention of joining this course, which is to be closer to Allah, the all Loving and the all Merciful."
 Who are the speakers? 

I'm looking forward to this and I hope I can learn & absorb as much knowledge as I can, and In Shaa Allah to share with all of you. If you guys cannot make it to this program, I would love to suggest for all of you to join Sheikh Kamal El Mekki in "How to Give Syahadah in 10minutes?"

What is the course about? 

"Invite to the Way of your Lord (i.e. Islam) with wisdom and fair preaching, and argue with them in a way that is better. Truly, your Lord knows best who has gone astray from His Path, and He is the Best Aware of those who are guided" [al-Qur'aan, an-Nahel'(16):125]

Do you have a burning desire to give da'wah to your non muslim friends or even family members? Do you sometimes feel you're not "good enough" to be giving da'wah to others? Do you end up in big arguments when conversing with others? If "yes" is your answer to one of the questions above, How to Give Shahada in 10 minutes, is the perfect course for you! 
'How to give Shahada in 10 minutes' is a comprehensive module prepared by Sheikh Kamal El Mekki. This module is about the art of inviting others to come back to Islam. Specially designed for Muslims who are passionate about the deen, this 2 - day program will equip you with tools on how to tackle potential provocations and many more!
This program will touch on the obstacles on the path of dawah, methods and techniques in giving dawah, the do's and don't's, clearing the misconceptions and interestingly, when to walk away and avoid confrontations when it comes to approaching others of a different faith. 
We are living in a time where the religion of Islam is look down upon. The only way for us to change the perspective of others about Islam is through our actions and by calling others to this beautiful deen. This course is offered to get you started on your first step towards your journey of da'wah. The choice is yours to make!
 Don't miss his lifetime opportunity. I'm here to just share the khayr. If you guys have any question, can always call iMuslim or can always email me or contact me. In Shaa Allah I will try my best to assist.