13 December 2013

Our Little Jannah

“Assalamualikum, and drive safely” marked the end of the #HeartTherapy Camp. Coming home from that was difficult for me. After sending Sh. Waleed Abdul Hakeem off, the withdrawal syndrome started to kick in. When I reached home I was too tired to carry my luggage into the house. But the feeling of meeting your parents? That’s a different thing.

Sheikh Waleed Abdul Hakeem during the closing Speech

I came back home, performed Zuhur and sat down at the TV area catching up with my parents. Talked about the camp but I was too tired to continue. As soon as I heard the calling for Asr, I fulfilled my obligation and straight away syahid on the couch.

Sheikh Kamal El Mekki delivering his farewell speeh.
It was a mistake to sleep after Asr, I had a nightmare which I couldn’t  recall, I guess my Qarin is playing with me. As I woke up, it was already dark and I lost track of time. My body felt so heavy, I can’t even lift a finger. I sat on the couch while closing my eyes. In my mind I was planning what to do after this. I was thinking of fajar prayer; to take a bath, and get ready for work. Suddenly I heard a voice saying “Angah, Maghrib”.

Sheikh Saad Tasleem bidding farewell to Duha & Qasim
That statement put me into shock! What! Maghrib?! I felt like I’ve been sleeping whole night. I immediately opened my eyes and everything was spinning. I woke up and rushed for a quick shower and Maghrib. Later I check my phone, look into twitter and search #HeartTherapy. Everyone seemed to be having withdrawal syndrome. As I was going through the tweets, I forgot about my tiredness and I ended up curving a smile on my face.

Thinking about the Shuyukhs, the great companions, the river and the forest, the ilm, MashaAllah it was a great experience. It really felt like “Our Little Jannah”. Everyone is living by the sunnah of the Prophet SAW. Peace and tranquility were one of the things that I could find there. 

Fajr reminder by Sheikh Kamal El Mekki (Our Little Jannah)

Sheikh Waleed Abdul Hakeem @ Asr Tazkirah by the river side. (Our Little Jannah) 

Sheikh Waleed Abdul Hakeem @ Morning Lecture by the river side. (Our Little Jannah)

Sheikh Waleed Abdul Hakeem @ Asr Tazkirah by the river side. (Our Little Jannah)
May Allah grant us deep understanding, may He keep us istiqamah, may He give us the taufiq to implement our knowledge, may He keep us steadfast with our Iman, may He again put us among the people of the deen, and In Shaa Allah Ta’ala may He unite us again in the Real Jannah. 

Sheikh Saad Tasleem talking about Matters of The Heart
Now here I am, writing this post at my office, my body may be here, but my mind my heart and my soul is there at #HeartTherapy camp. I’m having a serious withdrawal syndrome. Imam Ghazali was correct in saying that we can only feel the nikmah, if it’s no longer there. Nikmah of great companionship, environment, and knowledge is indeed sweet. I wish that we could form a stronger bond that could last forever.

Sheikh Kamal El Mekki with the Fiji Brothers. From left Maiyur, Qasim, Sh Kamal & Ali
I pray that Allah will give me strength to go through this. Reality check, it is time to implement our knowledge. Action brings result. Do not let our knowledge be a witness against us in the Day of Judgment. Remember if we are walking towards Allah, Allah will run towards us. The path of Allah has no speed limit let us all strive for it. 

May Allah ease.  

#HeartTherapy the Men
P/S: Sorry for the delay. This post was written on Monday 9th December 2013.

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