22 February 2013

" I'm waiting for Hidayah "

If we want to know something, we have to ask question. Without question there will be no answer. This has been said by Allah in Surah Yusuf, Verse 7 (12:7)

If we want something so search for it. The topic that can be discuss is the topic of Hidayah. Hidayah is a form of answer by Allah SWT. We know that some people just love to say "Hidayah belum sampai lagi" or "Belum sampai seru lagi". Is it? Isn't that Islam has been completed during the lifetime of Rasulullah SAW?  Allah has said in Surah Al-Ma'idah, Verse 3 (5:3):-

"......This day those who disbelieve have despaired of [defeating] your religion; so fear them not, but fear Me. This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion....."

We have to know that hidayah can be divided into two category namely:-

1. Hidayah Al-Bayan
2. Divine Hidayah

Hidayah Al-Bayan

Hidayah Al-Bayan can be said as indirect hidayah. It usually the small things that happen in our daily life. For example take this situation:-

"You were chilling with your friends at a mamak stall. Suddenly came a guy selling a book about Islam to you. He said that usually this will cost RM25 but today he would sell to you RM15. Later, he put it on your table. But you said no."

The act of the salesman putting the book in front of you, offering you, is an act from Allah. If you choose not to buy it then it is your lost. That is just one example. Bear in mind that, now we are living in the era where information is easily accessible. We have youtube, da'wah website, books and many more. If we did not have the urge to search for hidayah how would we expect hidayah would come to us?

Referring to the story, the act of the book being put there is the hidayah. So whether we want to take it or not (strength or urge) to take it is call 'taufik'. Taufik is something that we must ask from Allah. Remember Allah is everything. Ask Him for anything that you want as He owns everything.

Thus, do not stop from seeking hidayah and do not stop from making du'a for taufik. If we don't search we won't get it.

Some people might say this is qada & qadar. But we have to remember at the end of the day it is us who decide. Allah only provide the pathway. Allah has shown to us which path to take, if we choose otherwise that is our fault.

It's like coming to a T-Junction. You know that if you turn left you will go to a jungle where there's no civilization but if you turn right you will enter into a beautiful garden. So which would you choose? From what you have chosen is it Allah's fault? You know which one will lead to the jungle and which one will lead to a garden but yet you choose the jungle route. Think about it.

Divine Hidayah

Divine hidayah is the hidayah that Allah instill it in our heart. This is a special case. Only those who Allah has chose He will grant it. Take a look at Yusuf Islam, or the BBC Journalist that was caught by the Taliban in Kabul.

The journalist hate Islam very much. She was caught by the Taliban. She were not locked up but was kept at their base. She can run anytime she want. The Taliban made a deal with her that if they let her go. She would promise she will read Quran.

When she came back to London, she remembered her promise and she read the Holy Quran. And upon reading she felt in love with it and she is now a muslim.


For us who has born to be a muslim, we are very lucky. But yet some of us take our religion lightly. That is why we see those who struggles to get Islam they have a better understanding than us. We? Keep on blaming that "belum sampai hidayah lagi". Do not wait for hidayah. Search for it. If we come to Allah, He will run to us. Learn and keep learning and learning insyaAllah we would have a better understanding.

May Allah help us in our journey seeking the deen, the iman, and taqwa. If there's anything wrong with my writing please let me know. As I am still learning.

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