3 August 2013

Books: Leadership, Akhlaaq, Marriage & Childcare by Sheikh Mirza Yawar Baig

It has finally landed on our shores! The collection of books written by the world's renowned speaker, Sheikh Mirza Yawar Baig! Don't miss out on the opportunity as these books are only made available in Malaysia through iMuslim.

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What is a Muslim without Akhlaaq? 

The man, driving down the street, saw children begging at the street corner. The sight always affected him and as always he wondered at the inequities of 

“Master!” he cried to his teacher.
“Why doesn’t Our Creator do something about these people?” 

“He did”, said the Master. “He made you.”

If there is one word that can claim to sum up the entire question of leadership, it is Responsibility. When we choose to take a leadership stance we choose to hold ourselves responsible. To be held responsible. We say to the world that we are prepared to account for what we say and do and to be judged by the effects of those things on our environment. Without the willingness to accept responsibility, there is no leadership. Accepting of responsibility is ‘accountability’.

If there is one thing that ails us it is that we don’t act on what we know. Most of us know enough to enter Jannah without reckoning if we only practice what we know. But we don’t practice and so we condemn ourselves to a life of misery in this world and if Allah SWT decides to hold us accountable, to much more when we face Him. I ask Allah SWT to forgive us and to 
save us from ourselves.

One of the characteristics of modern life seems to be a breakdown of family life, the foundation of which is a happy and healthy marriage. This has vast implications on individuals and society in terms of hardship, lack of social concern and responsibility and a culture that promotes selfishness and self satisfaction at all costs.

This vicious circle propagates more destruction of marriages and the sad story grows.

Having counseled many couples, over the years, some successfully and others not so, I have come to the conclusion that eventual success of a marriage lies in the hands (and wills) of the partners alone. Nobody can make or break a marriage if the two partners don’t want that to happen.

This short booklet is an attempt to share my learning and understanding of the main issues in a marriage and a look at what it takes to make a marriage a source of great joy and fulfillment in this life. I hope that those who read it will benefit from it and will live happy, productive and satisfactory lives.

The book is focused at Muslims but others can also benefit.

In all the years that I have spoken to parents all over the world, I have always asked one question. The way I do it is as follows:

‘Please think of your most powerful role model.’
‘For how many of you is it a parent?’

I have never had more than 5% of the population putting up their hands. That means that for 95% of people, their role model is not a parent – the two people who invested the maximum in their upbringing. That is a real tragedy but it is a self-created one. It need not happen and this book will help you to protect yourself from becoming a part of the 95%.

Over the years of my working with parents in the Muslim world, I have been asked this question most often, ‘How must we bring up our children?’ 

Especially today young parents are very anxious to ensure that their children are brought up as practicing Muslims and are a credit to themselves and their parents. This little book is a consolidation of all the things that I have said to people in answer to their question. I believe that parenting is a serious job which must be undertaken consciously; clearly understanding what it entails. 

Children have a right to have good parents who can be role models for them and who can not only teach them the tools to succeed in this life but also to take from the treasures of Allah SWT and succeed in the life to come. Please remember that whether you like it or not, you are a role model for your children. Your choice is to decide what kind of role model you want to be…one that they can look up to or one that they have to look down on. 

Children listen with their eyes. They don’t care what you say until they see what you do. Anyone who has children has no such thing as a private life. Whatever you do is under the lights, will be noticed, learnt and emulated. If there is any gap between walk and talk your credibility with your children will fall through it. Allah SWT sent you to guide your children and that is what the honorable status that Islam gives to parents in based on; because they are guides of their children. 

Parents who behave dishonorably before their children are the worst of humanity – abysmal, abominable and disgusting.

I wish all those who read this book, children who will be a source of delight to them in this world and a source of ongoing benefit to them in the Hereafter.


Shaykh Mirza Yawar Baig is the Founder & President of Yawar Baig & Associates. He is an international speaker, coach, trainer and facilitator, specializing in leadership in family businesses. He works with prominent family businesses in the role of Life Coach and Mentor. He has successfully trained managers in business, government & academia on 3 continents for over 24 years and developed a reputation for teaching effectively across boundaries of culture, function and nationality, not to mention that he also speaks 5 languages! An ongoing project that Shaykh Yawar is engaged in at the moment is the Standard Bearers Academy – which operates with the vision to provide role models to the world. Shaykh Yawar is known for his love of adventure and rich life experiences.

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