19 August 2014

The Path of The Shepherds

In this world, everything that is good eventually will come to an end. This is the sunnatullah (law of Allah / law of life). Today mark another epic moment of my life in Young Muslims Project (YMP) as Amin is letting go his presidential post and passing on the baton. Through out my journey in YMP he has always been a great leader, mentor, coach, supporter, brother and friend. Like what Rauf (one of my fellow YMPian) said "Amin has always been an anchor in the team".

Even tough we are all sadden by him leaving (well not that his not going to be around) but we also understand that he has achieved his objective. When he took back YMP two years back, it was for the purpose of reviving the original spirit of YMP. All praise to Allah, he has revive YMP, along that way Allah has send him bunch of great lads which I'm also honored to be one of them.

YMP is a platform for young people who share the same idea, same ideology. We are all brought together under one purpose that is to please Allah the All Mighty. YMP is not own by anyone, it is rather a social cause that if you share the same goal, and idea you can be part of it. And during Amin's last speech, he reminds us of this. He remind us what YMP was and what YMP will always be.

Allah has choose me and showed to me that when someone is sincere He will help him. Like Allah said in the Quran, if my slave come walking to me, I'll run to them. Allah guide those who He wants to guide. Those who has been guided by Allah can never be misguided. Yes in YMP you will see how people can change in a snap moment and how awesome is the miracle of Allah.

Today, is a new beginning for us as we move forward with our new leader, our new Mr. President. I believe that Mr Ash will do a great job. He has been prepared and has been chosen by Allah for this and I envy him for that. Always know that we are here to support you, to lift you, to help you to bring this cause to another level. To a level where all YMPians dream about that is in bringing change into the society.

May Allah help us, guide us and always keep our intention sincere. As nothing more that we want other than being blessed by our Lord. So for those who are interested to join us, can give me a buzz or come to one of our event and speak to us. We look forward of seeing you guys there.

The family has grown in a year. 

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