10 August 2014

Writing Mojo

It has been really a while since I last wrote here, and I have lost count how many "it has been a while" post I have wrote. But that is the reality people. To keep up with writing is not easy especially when you don't really practice or continuously write. It used to be a great hobby, but I have become a sheep, I let other people's opinion ruin my joy in writing. I let my self down. I stop writing. 

Now I am trying to revive the passion, hence that is why this post is very random. I am just going to write whatever that crosses my mind. In Shaa Allah this would be a daily practice with the hope that I'll get my writing Mojo back. 

Pray for me my dear readers. I don't know whether you guys are still here or not but whenever you guys read this. Pray for me. May Allah bless all of you. 

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